Discover What Your Business Is Worth Today

Business Evaluation

Growing a Business requires an understanding of its current and potential market value and the strategic plan and tactical steps to reach that potential.
Selling a Business the most effectively requires a solid understanding of the realistic fair market value of the business at the present time.

Utilizing sophisticated proprietary algorithms, extensive comparative databases, and a variety of proven modalities, we analyze business finances, market presence, resources, infrastructure, policies & procedures, personnel, products & services, assets, history, projections, and other factors to determine a realistic prediction of the fair market value of the business to potential buyers.

Understanding The Small Business Valuation Process

Our objective is to determine the likely range of price that a business will command in a competitive marketplace with as much precision as reasonably possible.

The first tool we use is often a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats) analysis that incorporates sophisticated algorithms and extensive comparative transaction databases to establish a preliminary “Estimate of Value.” If pertinent to your business, you will be directed to an online or emailed questionnaire.